What's up rockers,Max here,When you talk about music that changes your life,these three Classic Plastic picks are the ones that opened up a whole new world for me.

1. KISS "ALIVE"  I can remember listening to this record and looking at that album cover and theater of the mind took over. The raw sound, BIGGER THAN LIFE IMAGE ,SOLD!! As far as I'm concerned. As most kiss fans know It wasn't  a true live album, it was mixed and touched up, but none the less in that process they captured gold!! platinum really!! It was all magic !! And that magic continues today . GET THAT CLASSIC T SHIRT OUT,DUST OFF THE TURN TABLE,AND CRANK IT ,CLOSE YOUR EYES AND YOUR THERE!!  MUST LISTEN TO ON VINYL!!

2. BLACK SABBATH "SABBATH BLOODY SABBATH" This album freaked me out!! and I loved it!! The Intro, the vibe was all  again MAGIC!! It takes you Into this creepy movie with a great sound track.OZZY,TONY,BILL,GEEZER......What else can you say!! Another must listen to on vinyl!!

3. JUDAS PRIEST "HELL BENT FOR LEATHER" A soon as I heard this Classic Plastic...MAN!! I wanted to riff like these guys,And who is that singer!! wow!! great hooks?? DUAL GUITARS?? I'M IN!! From "HELL BENT FOR LEATHER" TO "BEFORE THE DAWN" WITH HALFORD FEELING IT!! ANOTHER MUST LISTEN TO ON VINYL.

  From This Metal Webshow's closet, We share  this month's Classic Plastic Pick's !!


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